The Artists

1. Valerie Stanaszek

God’s Presence shimmering in their eyes, I'm humbled and honored drawing and painting people with Jesus graciously gifting a glimpse of how He sees life on earth as it is in heaven. Sensing His Spirit’s delight while working in color and line, my prayer is to remain in His love to hear Abba calling, singing and bringing us His holy flow where experiences bound by space and time are transformed.

2. Tim Botts

Tim studied graphic design and calligraphy at Carnegie-Mellon University. He designed more than 600 books during his 40 years at Tyndale House Publishers before retiring in 2012. Since 1975 he has taught calligraphy with College of DuPage. He is artistic director for Masterpiece Project, an outreach
to high school students in the arts.
Ten books of his own work are published including his newest on African American spirituals, “Bound for Glory”.

3. Lisa Shabez

“....for nothing will be impossible with God.” In this work I imagined the relationship between Mary and God and Elisabeth and God and each woman’s deep devotion as a faithful and willing servant. I also imagined the profound connection between the two women each facing unique circumstances on parallel journeys. Most of all I was drawn to and tried
to imagine the moment, “...when Elisabeth heard the greeting of Mary, the baby leaped in her womb. And Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.” What energy there must have been around them! What excitement they must have felt!

4. Elizabeth Roskam

Elizabeth as an oil painter is continually inspired by beauty. “And beauty comes in many forms: in color, perspective, light and proportion. And nothing is more beautiful than the work
of God. The Psalmist must have been thinking of a sunset when he wrote: 'The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.’ ”
(Psalm 19:1)

5. Antonia Ruppert*

As a child, I enjoyed watching my Dad draw after school.  With simple tools, magic was made. I was in absolute awe of this. Today, I believe that one can find truth, light and “magic” in this gift of art.  My current work is most concerned with communicating this fact. Through paint, I engage my community, creating work that resonates and -  prayerfully - leaves viewers uplifted.

*In collaboration with youth from Inner City Impact and The Justification of Youth.

6. Ted Stanaszek

I studied painting with Eugene Hall at the American Academy of Art where I met my wife Valerie. Together we formed No.2 Pencils, a non-profit organization whose mission it is to re-build and fund Ecole St. Joseph in Petit Goave, Haiti. I always enjoy the next challenge partnering with creatives that bring passion and energy to their work.

7. Hyatt Moore

Hyatt is a faith-filled painter working almost exclusively in oils. He worked as an art and creative director until his true calling as an artist became clear. Hyatt is a citizen of the world, and his paintings often reflect images from his travels with his wife, artist Anne Moore.

8. Ian Christopher

As a boy, Ian loved scratch-building and modeling historical figures and miniatures. After studying linguistics and art history, he apprenticed with a classically trained sculptor and fell in love with the art of lost-wax casting. In his sculptures, Ian seeks to capture movement and inspire connection with the Divine.

9. Steve Puttrich

God's creation is all around us,
and yet we seldom take notice of the harmony these God-given elements provide in infinite variety and proportions. My goal with each painting is to speak the truth and to transcribe the beautiful.
It's in these moments of creating
I feel His pleasure and purpose in my life. It is even more wonderful when others can share in the experience and be inspired by God's creation through my work.

10. Marcel Musyoki

My work is drawing - comic style art using pencil, watercolor and pen on paper. I make it because I love drawing, it's a talent given to me by God. I want to use this talent to advance the Kingdom of God on earth and to promote anything morally upright.

11. Lisa Pires

One of my greatest joys in life is creating. For over 35 years, my vocation has been as a creative director. I have recently gone back to my first love of painting, where I will continue on this journey of storytelling. Drawn to the mag-nificence of God’s creation, I have an over-whelming desire to express and interpret this through my painting. I want my art to reflect the beauty of God’s heart, releasing His voice through my creativity. God is my ultimate inspiration. My story will continue to unfold.

12. Susan Ferrell

Contemplating the scripture concerning our Savior’s birth, we see the magi gifts. Frankincense: the fragrance, the history, the mystique, intrigued me. As a potter, I think the “men from the east” might have brought this treasured spice to Jesus in a clay jar.  The result: terra cotta and colorful glazes and exotic shapes. We think of Jesus’ gift to us of eternal life, we also see his receiving of gifts as a symbol of his being our King, and our High Priest forever.

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